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Food Fables

This is going to ruin Thanksgiving forever. Tori Bellacci Lots of vacations and other distractions going on, so I’m going to try to catch up to the episodes I’ve missed, working backwards.  We’re starting with their Thanksgiving special! I think my favorite part of this episode was not exactly part of the episode.  In between […]

Bouncing Bullet

Ready for the Naked Avenger! Tori Bellacci I was pretty excited that both pieces of this episode actually involved some physics, as opposed to the regrettable (on so many levels) Battle of the Sexes episode.  However, I knew I would have to go to work on this post as soon as Jamie and Adam started […]

Unchained Reaction: Speed

[He] knows everything there is to know about mechanics… Adam Savage What prompts Adam to say this?  As far as I can tell, Charles Haine is a film director with little to know science/engineering training… I’m not sure what I think of this show, Unchained Reaction, yet.  I like the idea; it reminds me of […]

Toilet Bomb

There’s a lot of sexy data we’ve got going here. Tori Bellaci Sorry for the long absence, but science conference season is behind me, and the Mythbusters are doing science!  I thought the Mythbusters did an admirable job of actually trying to explain the science of the fluid dynamics regarding the benefit of flying in […]

Bikes and Bazookas

More surface area, but it’s smoother. Jamie Hyneman Ba-ZOO-ka. It’s fun to say! Last week (with the walking in a straight line) was great, but there wasn’t a lot for me to break down, science-style.  So I went back to the archives and dug up this beauty which aired recently while I was out of […]

Blow Your Own Sail

Now, I don’t know exactly what’s going on, because apparently we’re flying in the face of Newton’s laws Grant Imahara So according to the Mythbusters, they violated Newton’s laws in this episode.  Presumably they don’t really believe this, or else they would be on their way to Sweden to accept their Nobel prize.  I have […]

Blue Ice

We’re trying to make science cool, dude Tory Bellachi Wow.  That’s the first show in quite some time that the Mythbusters talked some science and I didn’t get terribly frustrated with them. The talked about the effect of the boundary layer when guessing why the blue ice stops growing at a certain point.  I touched […]

Inertia (Which Kind?)

The energy from the bullet’s impact has to overcome the merry-go-round’s inertia Grant Imahara The Mythbusters are back and so am I!  Even if I am 6 days late… but still before the next episode!  And it appears they have not hired a science consultant yet; so if they’re busting Hollywood for playing fast and […]

Reverse Engineering

…[O]ur barrier does not move so when our car carrying the surfboard hits it, it’ll come to a complete stop, and all that momentum from the car will be transferred to the surfboard. Tori Bellacci I want to give the Mythbusters some props for trying to introduce the concept of momentum; however I must instead […]

Storm Chasing Myths

I’m getting beaten by the surface of this thing.  Like being spanked. Jamie Hyneman So let me open by making a snide remark: I have never seen the boys so anxious to hand out “Confirmed” placards as they were in this episode.  Call me a cynic, but I’m not sure they were as unforgiving in […]