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Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future

Summer’s end is drawing near, and that always leaves me a little bummed out.  It’s not the temperatures I fear, it’s the waning daylight that really irks me.  Obviously, at higher latitudes, summer days are quite long, but in an example of conservation of daylight, I guess, you pay for it with very short winter […]

Makers and the Internet

It seems like a no-brainer that the internet has been a blessing to makers all over the world.  And I won’t begin to argue that the maker/hacker community is better off without it.  But I will say that for me, the internet has a very real drawback.  And if the internet has taught me anything, […]

Feynman Fysics

Without any new MythBusters popping up lately, I’ve had to find another outlet for my science geek needs. Fortunately, the library had Feynman’s lectures available, and I’ve got volume one checked out again.  I’ll try to share some thoughts as I relentlessly plow my way through the book. First off, I’m really enjoying the depth, […]