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SKS Rifles and Harmonics

Resonant frequency is the frequency at which an object will begin to vibrate in excess of the energy that you put into it. Grant Imahara Ugh… just typing that makes me cringe.  Grant said it on the Fire vs. Ice episode (no. 121) that aired May 27, 2009.  Hopefully, any statement about energy being created […]

22,000-Foot Fall know, it’s not exactly an equal and opposite reaction… so what do you think? Kari Byron dropping knowledge on our heads I have to say, I was a little disappointed by this experiment (22,000-Foot Fall, December 13, 2006).  I appreciate that it was very hard to execute, and there are no second chances when […]

Ping Pong Rescue

We never believe the math on Mythbusters. Adam Savage Well, Adam, that’s what we’re here for.  After just a little explanation, the most difficult thing about buoyancy is spelling it correctly.  The Mythbusters gave a couple great examples in a single episode (Ping Pong Rescue; November 3rd, 2004) with ping pong balls and helium-filled balloons.  […]