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Aerodynamics Meets Art

I love when art and physics demonstrations collide! When I was in Paris recently, I stayed very close to the Pompidou and was fortunate enough to see this “kinetic sculpture” titled “Flux” by Zilvinas Kempinas.  Basically, by pointing a fan down at table, he is able to suspend a loop of magnetic tape pretty much […]

Bikes and Bazookas

More surface area, but it’s smoother. Jamie Hyneman Ba-ZOO-ka. It’s fun to say! Last week (with the walking in a straight line) was great, but there wasn’t a lot for me to break down, science-style.  So I went back to the archives and dug up this beauty which aired recently while I was out of […]

Temperature at Altitude

I recently partook in some international travel, which is also not a small reason why there hasn’t been a post in a while.  Curious thing about the rest of the world: they tend to uniformly use a system of units that’s widely regarded as superior to the set we use in the U.S. of A, […]