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Move Mod

This is definitely the most invasive hardware hack I’ve ever done; even though it is not particularly difficult, it ended up being quite the undertaking for this noob.  I’ll share a little bit about it to save anyone else who might try something similar some grief. It all started when the PS Move came out, and […]

Blue Ice

We’re trying to make science cool, dude Tory Bellachi Wow.  That’s the first show in quite some time that the Mythbusters talked some science and I didn’t get terribly frustrated with them. The talked about the effect of the boundary layer when guessing why the blue ice stops growing at a certain point.  I touched […]

Inertia (Which Kind?)

The energy from the bullet’s impact has to overcome the merry-go-round’s inertia Grant Imahara The Mythbusters are back and so am I!  Even if I am 6 days late… but still before the next episode!  And it appears they have not hired a science consultant yet; so if they’re busting Hollywood for playing fast and […]