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Cloudy with a Chance of Solar Eclipse

A pretty good swath of the U.S. was exposed to an annular (as opposed to total) solar eclipse yesterday afternoon, and an even wider swath experienced a pretty significant partial solar eclipse.  But experienced is a relative term.  What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? Certain parts of the great northwest are famously known for their […]

Bouncing Bullet

Ready for the Naked Avenger! Tori Bellacci I was pretty excited that both pieces of this episode actually involved some physics, as opposed to the regrettable (on so many levels) Battle of the Sexes episode.  However, I knew I would have to go to work on this post as soon as Jamie and Adam started […]

Oven Redux

Now that I had established the mis-calibration of my oven, I wanted to characterize it so that I can dial it in to achieve a desired temperature.  I know that it’s easier to raise the temperature than to wait for the temperature to dissipate, so my plan was to start at a low temperature (200 […]

Oven Diagnostics

I’ve got a new place with a new oven that has been consistently over-cooking my food.  I could call the super, or turn the oven down or cook everything for less time, but none of that gives me an excuse to bust out my Arduino.  Fortunately, I already had a (K-type) thermocouple and MAX6675 amplifier […]